Just between us, Rajko Grlic's film ›› Official website for the Rajko Grlic's 'Just between us' movie. Written by: Rajko Grlic and Ante Tomic. Watch this before you cheat - again - on your lover! Just between us, Rajko Grlic's film ›› Official website for the Rajko Grlic's 'Just between us' movie. Written by: Rajko Grlic and Ante Tomic. Watch this before you cheat - again - on your lover!

Just Between Us wins seven Golden Arenas at Pula

Europa Cinemas, 26.7.2010.

Just Between Us won seven Golden Arenas at the 57th Pula Film Festival.

The film received the Grand Golden Arena for best film and Golden Arenas for best director, best supporting actress for Ksenija Marinkovic, best cinematography for Slobodan Trninic, best music for Alfi Kabiljo and Alan Bjelinski, best production design for Ivo Husnjak, and best sound editing for Srdjan Krupjel. The film was also awarded with the FEDEORA (Federation of film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean) best film award.


'Between Us' is lauded in Croatia

Variety.com, 26.7.2010.

U.S.-based Croatian director Rajko Grlic's tale of adultery and middle-age angst "Just Between Us" swept the board Saturday at the closing of Croatia's Golden Arena film awards in Pula.

The film took seven of the 15 awards, including a $5,000 prize for best film and awards for director, supporting actress (Ksenija Marinkovic), cinematography (Slobodan Trninic), music (Alfi Kabiljo and AlanBjelinski), production design (Ivo Husnjak) and sound editing (Srdjan Krupjel).

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Europa Cinemas Label and Best Director Award at Karlovy Vary

Wide management

Just Between Us received the Europa Cinemas Label at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010.

The Europa Cinemas Label aims to increase circulation, promotion and length of scheduling of European films at film theatres.
Europa Cinemas encourages network exhibitors to make the decision to schedule the labelled film from its first week and, by granting a Bonus, provides them with an incentive to keep it on the programming schedule for as long as possible. This financial Bonus is implemented after two weeks of exhibition and a minimum number of screenings.
More information on the Europa Cinemas website.

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The Europa Cinemas label at Karlovy Vary 2010 has been awarded to the Croatian film Just Between Us by Rajko Grlic

Europa Cinemas, 12.7.2010.

Just Between Us (Neka ostane medju nama) has been awarded the Europa Cinemas Label as Best European Film in the 45th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, it was announced Saturday by a jury of four exhibitors, members of the Europa Cinemas Network.

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Erotic Drama Aka In Between Us Mammals

fest21.com, 29.5.2010.

Today there are many films that talk about adulteries and love affairs, especially in France. Ever since 1958 French film about adultery Les Amants directed by Louis Malle with Jeanne Moreau rediscovered human nature. While in 1965, French director Agnès Varda created a minor shock wave in American film with her release of film Happiness (Le Bonheur), a film that openly confronted the topic of adultery in an era before the conception of "open marriage."

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Just Between Us

Creative Europe, 29.5.2010.

Croatian Cinema nowadays produces 6 to 9 feature films per year, also 60 minutes of animation, experimental films, documentaries, as a bigger cultural prestige in Croatia. National cinema attracts about at 2,7 million tickets average. Ever since year of 2000, this small cinematography functions in a free environment for the first time after the civil war in 90s. One of the most popular author in the contemporary Croatian cinema and the represent of the old Croatian film as well, is most definitely Rajko Grlić.

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Premiere of Rajko Grlic’s new movie ‘Let it remain between us’

Blic Online, 11.3.2010.

Belgrade premiere of Rajko Grlic’s movie ‘Let it remain between us’ is to take place in Belgrade this evening. Grlic is one of the most prominent names of former Yugoslav cinematography.

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New Grlic film spreads over the region

Cineuropa, 5.3.2010.

The new film by Croatian director Rajko Grlic Just Between Us opens in Slovenia on March 9, in Croatia on March 10 and in Serbia on March 11.

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Miki Manojlović in erotic drama

Blic Online, 25.11.2008.

Miki Manojlovic and Rajko Grlic are shooting the film "Neka ostane medju nama" in Zagreb. After 23 years, the famous actor and the renowned director and scriptwriter again work together. It is an erotic drama in which all five main actors have a separate, very intimate story about their "double life".

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