Just between us, Rajko Grlic's film ›› Official website for the Rajko Grlic's 'Just between us' movie. Written by: Rajko Grlic and Ante Tomic. Watch this before you cheat - again - on your lover! Just between us, Rajko Grlic's film ›› Official website for the Rajko Grlic's 'Just between us' movie. Written by: Rajko Grlic and Ante Tomic. Watch this before you cheat - again - on your lover!

Excerpts from some of the first reviews


The distribution of "Just Between Us" started on March 11 in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. Here are excerpts from some of the first reviews:

"With Just Between Us, Grlic becomes the only filmmaker in the region whose films open almost day-and-date in all the co-production territories." - Cineuropa.com

"Either Croatian audience was craving for some healthy erotic in domestic movies, or Rajko Grlic filmed a really nice story about adultery, lies and loneliness. Judging by the Zagreb Multiplex sell-out audience at the opening night yesterday, both is true." - Novi List

"Grlic has reconfirmed his greatness and grandeur as a director, showing us again his renowned attention to detail displayed in creating his character’s psychological profiles" - Dan

"…Grlic has created a compelling drama…" - Vjesnik

"Just Between Us is an excellent movie about adultery, stripped of any hypocrisy. In the script, co-written by Ante Tomic, Grlic liberates marriage from grand ideas, turning adultery into an everyday concept. The film has more than lived up to the soaring popular expectations" - Jutarnji list

"A top-notch production" - Filmski.net

"Clerical and conservative pressure makes Croatian directors reluctant when it comes to representing sex scenes. Rare are those who, like Rajko Grlic, explore real relationships between men and women." - Nacional

"Grlic has filmed the most provoking scene in the history of Croatian cinematography" - Globus

"Liberated from hypocritical moralizing and preaching, the movie presents people with their major flaws spiced up by rare but charming virtues. Their forbidden passions cause problems that have occasionally fatal but always negative effects on the feelings of the loved ones. What makes this film refreshingly enjoyable is Grlic’s approach in presenting his characters less by means of dialogues and attitudes, and more by erotic scenes" - E-Novine

"Viewers can easily mirror themselves in the slightly tired characters, whereas the younger ones might be shocked to recognize their parents in some scenes one would rather remain ignorant about and we cannot help but wonder how many family affairs have been swept under the carpet" - Vecernji list

"A very good movie. Rajko Grlic is as vigorous and lively as a youngster, and as naughty as any shrewd silver fox with considerable experience. And it is irrelevant whether it is his own or someone else’s - what matters is that everything in Just Between Us is so intimate and authentic that we believe in each and every word and frame of it" - Politika

"… Grlic’s decriminalization of adultery is almost unique in contemporary cinematography …" - Playboy

"Many are the virtues of this elegant and seemingly easily directed Grlic’s work…" - Vijenac

"… the scene of a female poignant panegyric to cock goes straight to the anthology of Croatian cinematography…" - Novosti

"…Grlic and Tomic interlace the beauty and cruelty served by perverted everyday life…" - Slobodna Dalmacija

"The greatness of Grlic’s movie, which reels between hospital and cemetery, among children ignorant about adulteries they were conceived by, and bones which used to be unfaithful to each other as well, is to be found in the fact that it restores revolutionary potential to adultery despite the fact that nowadays betrayal preserves rather than upsets status quo, but hey - it’s just between us." - Mladina

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